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Hispanic Video Ad Network

Video advertisement is the most effective medium of online marketing. Consumers are 1.5-times more likely to recall a brand they saw in an online video ad than in a static ad. The Primerad Hispanic ad network works with leading brands and agencies targeting the over 35-million US Hispanics online to leverage the fastest-growing advertising medium in the world!


Our Brands

- mitvenvivo
- doramas
- rey anime
- justinTV
- livestream
- dramafever


What we offer

Ad Audience

Premium Hispanic Ad Network for Video

Primerad works with premium content publishers in the United States with a Hispanic audience, giving advertisers targeted and quantifiable exposure for their brand. Our network of content publishers includes leading Hispanic properties in major online segments.


Advanced Targeting System

Hispanic Video Ad Network

Primerad is powered by the most advanced video ad targeting infrastructure.

  • Geo-Targeting: target campaigns by Region and State
  • Referrer Targeting: target viewers based on what sites they came from
  • User Targeting: target users based on their operating system or browser type


Campaign Tracking & Management

Advertisers have access to our tracking and management portal.

  • Frequency caps, day parting, and rates management
  • Conversion tracking tools
  • Run custom reports
  • Export data and receive report email notification



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